Our Corporate Beliefs:

The Strength and Foundation of Our Company

  • Safety First
  • Work Ethic
  • Moral Ethic
  • Discipline
  • Dedication
  • Determination
  • Ultimate Transparency Across All Fronts


Our approach


Axcess Construction and Management Services was born out of the desire to create; the desire to see a project from conception to completion.  The commitment to facilitate every step is what drives Axcess to provide each client with unparalleled customer service.  Axcess will be your project manager from the ground up and facilitate your every need.  For over twenty years, Axcess has been highly involved and dedicated to the growth of our community.  This dedication along with our wealth of design and construction experience ensures we deliver the highest quality work in a timely and efficient manner.  This is done through providing total transparency throughout the entire design-build process which guarantees the client knows the value of what they are paying for.  We use this thorough approach to emphasize our commitment to professionalism in relation to our core values: dedication, desire, determination, safety, moral standards and business ethics.   Our unique perspective allows us to utilize a variety of approaches in the development and construction of each project we are awarded.


At Axcess our dedication extends beyond the design build process to our community and our employees.  We believe that man can and should coexist with the environment.  Adopting this philosophy creates a stronger, more sustainable, and more beautiful community.  At the base of our entire philosophy is people and Axcess is determined to help develop its employees.  We offer educational opportunities and focus on promotions from within.  With the growth and development of each individual comes the growth and development of the entire community; this is the type of community development we are interested in the most.


Axcess Construction Management Services has a variety of services available to meet the needs of managing any type of property maintenance and homes including those which have been foreclosed on.  We already provide full service options in regards to ground-up design and construction projects. In addition we provide the normal day to day construction aspects such as ensuring security is provided on site, storage facility, grounds maintenance, and full cable and telecommunications wiring.  We provide these services through full time, skilled experts located in Northlake Region and Metropolitan area in Louisiana.


We are a design-build company that has been in continuous operation  since 1987.  In addition to construction we offer general maintenance to commercial and private clients.  At Axcess Construction Management Services our passion is creating; allow us to help you access your dreams and create exactly what you are looking for.  Whether you are looking to expand your first home or build your dream home we will facilitate the entire process, including pre-construction services.  If you want the perfect facility for your business we can help from the ground up to make the entire process hassle free.  With full design-build capabilities we will bring our unique perspective to your dreams and turn them into a reality.


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